Dog walking

We offer two types of dog walks, both at the same price:

Individual walks- Our one on one, 25-minute sessions, are dedicated to exercising your dog outdoor. We will not be wasting this valuable time running around picking up other dogs. Your dog will see the same familiar face every time.

Play-date walks two dogs at the same time for a 30-minute walk. This option is available if you prefer your dog to have a companion to walk and socialize with. 

**After each walk/visit we will leave a detailed report, via email, text message or in writing about the day's walk. 

**All dog walks/visits include feeding, changing water, towel drying (in case it rains), administering medication and any other services your pet requires at no additional charge!

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Dog House
Pet sitting

When you are on vacation or away on a business trip we will provide your pet with the attention, love and care he or she needs. 

Pet sittings include: two daily walks (for dogs) or indoor play/pet sessions (for cats), feeding your pet and changing their water, administering medication, watering plants, bringing in the mail and taking out the trash.
We will leave a detailed daily report about the day’s visit and walks

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