A Bark in Prospect Park is a dog walking collective founded on a collaboration between five close friends who have long been working in the field of pet care. Between us we have over 12 years of experience and a well-established clientele in the Park Slope/Prospect Heights area.

Our collective goal is to work together in creating long-term relationships and a secure, stress-free, loving environment for both you and your pet.

Unless you choose otherwise, every dog will be walked individually. All pets will always be treated with the utmost care. Our one-on-one, 25-minute sessions are dedicated to exercising your dog outdoors (we will not be wasting this valuable time running around to pick up other dogs).

We understand that different dogs have different temperaments, different habits and different needs. We will cater our sessions to your pets. We will discuss the amount of physical exercise your pet is comfortable with and requires, whether your pet would prefer interacting with other dogs, favorite haunts and games, etc.

We understand the importance of trust and establishing a bond between a dog and his or her walker and that's why we insist on scheduling a private meeting in your home to get to know you and your pet.

Each customer will be assigned a primary dog walker (one of us)—your dog will see the same familiar face every time.

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** at the moment we can only accept new clients in the Park Slope and Prospect Heights area. To see our walking zones click here. Clients in other areas please contact us as special arrangements may be possible.